Laboratory and pilot plants installation

Different pilot plants in for the experiment of different cooking approaches have been either installed or are under planning.

Improved cook stoves

A set of improved cook stoves, from household to communal sizes, has been installed at the premises of IPR-IFRA in Katibougou.


Biogas plant

A biogas plant of 8 cubic meter digester volume has been installed at IPR-IFRA in Katibougou. This plant has been already filled up with the cow-dung and biogas production is already happening. Planned experiments include gas production rate with different substrates, gas analysis (methane content, etc.) and thermal efficiency test on biogas stove, etc.  Also the slurry from biogas plant will be used as fertilized and for this purpose the IPR will carry out some experiments with crops production.


Briquetting machine

A briquetting machine has been set up at IPR-IFRA. Also for this plant, some experiments are planned in 2023 (physical properties of briquettes, thermal efficiency while using in the improved cook stove described above, etc.


Water pumping and solar electric cooking

The pilot plant for water pumping is planned in 2023 and that for solar electric cooking in 2024.