Opening of the hybrid energy lab and training


The laboratory was handed over during an official ceremony by Prof. Dr. Ramchandra Bhandari, Mr. Jan Buddeberg and Mr. Julian Huwer from the Institute for Technology and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) of the TH Köln to Prof. Dr. Rabani Adamou and his team from the UAM. About 20 lab engineers and interested employees of the UAM took part in the training.

Before the handover, the components of the hybrid energy lab were built up by the employees of the ITT in cooperation with the employees of the UAM. The components built up are the Solar Hydrogen Trainer (SHT), the Fuel Cell Trainer (FCT) and the Hybrid Renewable Energy Trainer (HRET). (more information…)

The hybrid energy lab handover event included detailed trainings on each component and the execution of various experiments such as the production of hydrogen via the electrolyser, which was operated with the electricity of the solar PV. Thus, an independent electricity and hydrogen supply could be demonstrated in an exemplary way. During the demonstrations, the participants has shown great interest, which was reflected in the stimulating discussions.

The laboratories will be also used by the students of the new international Master Degree programme in the field of energy and green hydrogen. The programme started in October 2021. They will be advised by the lab engineers who participated successfully in the training.


Project team of the ITT (from left to right): Mr. Jan Buddeberg, Prof. Dr. Ramchandra Bhandari and Mr. Julian Huwer

Opening of the training by Prof. Dr. Rabani Adamou

Mr. Buddeberg is introducing the hydrogen generator of the SHT

Mr. Huwer shows the software of the SHT

Participants are setting up the solar panels of the SHT