Educational and research resources to UAM


One of the aims of project RETO-DOSSO is the exchange and transfer of knowledge with/to the local young researchers and students under the theme of capacity building.  In this regard, UAM and ITT agreed on the creation of a laboratory for renewable energy and green hydrogen, as well as collecting literature (including books) for the library at UAM for those both topics.

The project team of the ITT worked on the identification of suitable books for this purpose. The chosen books focus on renewable energy sources, the distribution of renewable energy, energy storage and the implementation of renewable energy systems. Some books deal with the basics of these topics, while others have focus on more advanced topics. Consequently, the wide variety of books can be used for learning and teaching purposes, as well as for research.

In May 2023, the project team from ITT handed over more than 50 books to the project team at UAM in Niger. Prof. Rabani Adamou, project leader from the UAM side, acknowledged that those books are valuable learning resources to ensure a high quality in teaching and research. In addition to the books, also a tool box was handed over, so that the UAM project teams opportunities of working in the lab were extended.