Further laboratories at UAM


One of the research areas of the project RETO-DOSSO is analyzing and implementing approaches for energy supply from renewable sources by integrating energy use in socio economic development (energy, water, food supply security and income generation). By using small laboratories and pilot plants, the teams of ITT and UAM have been carrying out many activities (training, experiments, etc.) since 2021, when the first laboratory was set up at the UAM.

Convinced by the importance of those laboratories for the training and capacity development of the students at UAM, specially enrolled in four master programmes under the theme of energy and green hydrogen, the ITT team supported UAM in expanding those laboratories. In May 2023, additional laboratories for the energy generation from renewable energy sources in hybrid mode were set up. Simulated examples included also the fuel cells for mobility applications. The laboratory system further included a wind turbine with a rated power of 400 W and solar of approx. 2 kW. Those energy systems can charge the batteries or fill the metal hydrogen canisters with hydrogen produced in an included electrolyser with an output of up to 200 l/h.

A training has been provided to the researchers and engineers of UAM in May 2023. In the next months, more experiments with the laboratory systems are foreseen.