Hybrid Lab installation and training


The laboratory comprises three test stands: Hybrid Renewable Energy Trainer (HRET), Fuel Cell Trainer (FCT) and Solar Hydrogen Trainer (SHT).

Hybrid Renewable Energy Trainer (HRET)
The HRET has various individual modules that can be interconnected. The large number of modules enables not only basic experiments, but also the investigation of real, operational problems such as shading of PV systems. In addition to the energy source, the test objects in the form of photovoltaics (PV), wind turbine and a fuel cell can be investigated by means of measuring and control units as well as by means of safety devices. For fuel cell operation, there is an external hydrogen generator and two metal hydride storage tanks.

Fuel Cell Trainer (FCT)
The FCT consists of a low-temperature fuel cell with a metal hydride storage. In addition, there is a variable electronic load, a load in the form of a traffic light, as well as a transformer to raise the output voltage of the fuel cell. All measurement data are displayed directly on the FCT by means of analogue displays. The FCT can be connected to a computer. The corresponding software can be used to record measurement data. In addition, the experiments can be carried out with or without computer support.

Solar Hydrogen Trainer (SHT)
The SHT is intended to explain the practical generation and application of solar energy. A functioning operating voltage is provided by two PV modules as well as integrated lead acid batteries. The hydrogen generator can be operated with both, the PV panels or the main supply. Thus, the SHT reflects the overall picture of a modern PV system, with the possibility of hydrogen production.