Student experiment day


The students of the international Masters program were invited to visit the hybrid energy lab and perform several experiments. The lab experiment day was prepared and led by a consortium of the RETO-DOSSO project consisting of the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT ) of the TH Köln and the UAM. Under the supervision of Prof. Bhandari (ITT, TH Köln) Prof. Adamou (UAM), Mr. Jan Buddeberg from TH Köln as well as Dr. Hassane Adamou,  Tahirou Garba, Yaye Alhassane and Ado Maman Ibrahim (all from UAM) were responsible for the lab experiment day. While the project members of the UAM were present in the lab on that day, Mr. Buddeberg joined them via video chat.

For preparing the lab experiments, the students received initial questions dealing with renewable energy, photovoltaics, fuel cells and hydrogen. They were advised to work on these questions independently. Before starting with the experiments, the students discussed with Dr. Hassane Adamou on the results of the initial questions. The students were able to answer all questions to the full satisfactory of the lab workers.

After answering the initial questions, the students worked on different experiments under the guidance of the lab workers. The experiments included setting up the PV panels, measuring data from solar PV, producing green hydrogen, taking up fuel cell characteristic and efficiency curves as well as dealing with shadowing of solar panels and bypass diodes.

Each of the groups of students exceeded the planned time a lot. This was not due to the the experiments taking too long, but due to the high motivation of the students in asking questions and showing their interest in the lab and renewable energies in total. Many fruitful discussion were started that day and most students had shown their interest in returning to the hybrid energy lab for performing more experiments and doing research.