Vittorio Sessa

M. Sc.

Research Associate, Project: REAKT

Academic Background

2015 – 2017 M. Sc. Renewable Energy Management at ITT, TH Köln, Germany
 2006 – 2014 B. Sc. Mechanical Engineering at UCA, El Salvador


Professional experience

2017 – present Research Associate at TH Köln, Germany
2015 – 2015 Heavy Maintenance Engineer at AEROMAN, El Salvador


Research Interest

Once upon a time, I had the luck to be involved in housing aid programmers in Central America. The families the team I was part of helped lived in houses made from sticks and trash bags. Whenever it rained, the winds blew away the makeshift walls leaving the family out in the open. I could do nothing else but compare my situation to theirs and realize that the least I could do was not enough. Being at that time halfway done with my bachelors in mechanical engineering the only way I saw in which I could use what I had learned to reach the most people was renewable energies.